The Chelsea Peers story
2012 was a pretty momentous year.
Blue Ivy Carter said hi to the world. Katie and Tom broke up. The Hunger Games hit the big screen. Taylor Swift gave us Red. There was also Gangnam Style. And the London Olympics.
So, as years go, 2012 really was a big deal.
There was one event that happened in 2012 you might not be aware of though.  It was also the year two young British uni students first went to New York and fell in love with it (and each other). They loved the buzz and busyness of the city. Its food and fashions. How playful, exciting and alive it felt. Everything about it in fact.
What the Big Apple didn’t have, they noticed, was a lazy, more-relaxed side. A side where people could just kick-back and do nothing all day if they wanted. A stay-in-your-PJs sort of day.
So, heads full of dreams, they went back to the UK and did something about it. They created sleepwear so comfy you don’t want to take it off just because you’ve got out of bed. Perfect for lounging about in New York or anywhere else, they called it Chelsea Peers after one of their favourite neighbourhoods.
Those two students still run the company today. And are still very much in love. With New York and each other. Their hope to eventually move to the city and open a Chelsea Peers store there. But that’s another story for another day.