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Violets are blue,
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Chelsea Peers Valentines Or Galentines

February 14th is fast approaching and we’re here to help you have the best one ever, after all, that’s the least you owe to yourself! So, whether you’re happily coupled up, or busy just doing you, we’ve outdone Cupid with our plans for you.

Galentines Day

If you’re doing Valentine's solo this year, why not use it to celebrate your best girls instead?

What Is Galentine's Day?

"What's Galentine's Day? It's only the best day of the year!"
Leslie Knope
Parks And Recreation

No longer does February 13th have to be spent worrying about the upcoming romantic celebrations the day after. Thanks to Amy Poehler’s character on Parks And Recreation, the day has had the kind of rebranding we can totally get behind - a day to celebrate friendship!

After all, who said only romantic love can be celebrated? This is the perfect opportunity to ditch the cheesy cards, and massive bouquets and instead gather your best gal pals around for an evening of chocolates and wine.

Galentines Brunch

Step one of having the best Galentine's Day is, like how most great days begin, brunch with the ladies!

For brunch, you won’t forget you need to head to your nearest EL&N cafe. Not only is every part of the cafe incredibly Instagrammable, but it also is home of the most delicious pastries, cakes and of course, coffee. This cafe is a pink haven and an absolute must to gather the girls too.

Or if a boozy brunch is more your thing (we’re not judging), find a list of all the hottest boozy brunches that London has got to offer here.

Galentines Sleepover

It wouldn’t be a girl's get together in our eyes if it didn't end in a sleepover! Our ideal Galentine's Day 100% involves lounging indoors with our faves, drinking wine and putting the world to rights. After all, with the current weather, who really wants to leave the house for a night out?

We say this is the perfect opportunity to get into cute PJs, stick on a film and have the ultimate chill night.

Chelsea Peers NYC Unicorn Sleepover Set

Our unicorn sleepover sack is perfect for a good ol’ girls’ night in! Its cute print is feminine and cute, and also comes with sleepwear accessories to assure you the cosiest night ever.

Galentines Gift Ideas

Why not play a game of Secret Cupid? Simply, put names in a hat, and the name picked out is who you buy a gift for. However, unlike Secret Santa, you’ll all end up with gifts you’ll like, appreciate, and actually use. For example, we love this fast food adorned makeup bag. Fries before guys after all.

Chelsea Peers NYC Space Junk Pouch

Valentines Day

Do you look forward to the one day a year where you can spend the whole day being unashamedly loved up? Follow our tips to have the most loved update which puts the cast of Love Island to shame!

Valentines Date Dinner

Voted the world’s most romantic restaurant, Clos Maggiore just so happens to be located here in London, just waiting to host Valentine's weekend dates. The cherry blossom adorned ceiling looks like something fresh of a Baz Lurhman film set, perfect for your very own Romeo and Juliet Vibes!

Is all you want for Valentines Day champagne? Then you need to get you and your beau down to Bob Bob Ricard. Each table comes equipped with an iconic “Press For Champagne” button, meaning this restaurant pours more champagne than any other in London! If that’s not enough then the eclectic English meets Russian menu will be!

Valentines Night In

Of course, you could always keep Valentines intimate by planning a cosy night in. Treat your lover to a home-cooked meal made with love to show your feelings. Whether you're a pro in the kitchen or not, the gesture of attempting a gourmet meal for your loved one isn't something they’ll forget in a hurry.

Find a list of tasty romantic recipes here.

Your cosy night in wouldn’t be complete without your comfy yet cute pyjamas. Especially for the occasion, we’ve designed these Valentines cute PJs just for you. These limited edition Valentines Dog set to come in a girly pink colour, and feature adorable dogs, whilst also having a figure-hugging fit to ensure you’re looking your best. The best part? The (not so) subtle hint on the front for the ultimate V-Day gift - a dog!

Chelsea Peers NYC Valentines Dog Long PJ Set
Just because its Valentines Day doesn't mean you have to spend it with anyone- you can also spend the day being your own date! Use the day for self-care, take yourself out for dinner and, best of all, treat yourself!

No matter how you’re spending the day, be sure to browse our full range of Valentine's gifts here. You can find the full selection of our Valentines gifts here.