We’ve waited all year and it’s finally the most ‘in season’ season of them all - Autumn! To say we’re excited to stay snuggled up in sleepwear the next few months is an understatement.

That’s right, it’s time to return to the indulgent basic-but-so-delicious Pumpkin Spice Lattes to both warm and wake up. Another morning motivation comes in the form of the brightly coloured leaves scattering bursts of red and yellow across the streets.

So, the days are getting colder and shorter - but that also means the nights are getting longer. Which we all know is all the more perfect for relaxing in your Chelsea Peers pyjamas.

Going out is so SS19, don’t you know? So sit back and let Chelsea Peers show you how it’s done with our range of ladies pyjama sets...

Reasons To Stay In Your Pyjamas This Autumn 

Reasons To Stay In Pyjamas This Autumn 

Relaxing Nights In

You know those rainy mornings when you look out the window and instantly think “nope”. We know them well, and unfortunately at this time of the year, this will happen a lot. On the plus side, this also means a lot more feelings of “YES!” when you get home.

The only way to beat the cold weather is to get home and into instant chill mode. Run a nice luxurious bath to warm up and de-stress. Then pop on your fluffy dressing gown and rest assured you will be in the utmost comfort for the rest of the evening.

Bedroom Aesthetic

Of course, no relaxing night would be right without the perfect bedroom ambience! We’re talking fairy lights, candles with your favourite scents, freshly washed bed sheets, and an outlandish number of cushions. Your bedroom is your sanctuary and so you will want to set the mood right for your chilled nights in wearing our stylish foil pyjamas.

Binge-Watching TV

Ok ok, so we’re not suggesting you do this every day. But rewatching the whole of Gossip Girl never hurt anyone, did it? When it’s so hard to leave the house in the mornings, it’s more than justified. Work hard, relax harder.

Afternoons In Cooking

Maybe we’re feeling inspired by Great British Bake Off, but is there anything better than spending a rainy Sunday afternoon in the kitchen? Whether it’s sweet treats for you to share with your friends, family, or to indulge yourself depending on who you live with (we know which we’d prefer...). Cold weather also goes in hand with warming foods such as soups, casseroles and other foods that remind you of your mother’s cooking. Get inspiration for great autumn recipes here. Just make sure you protect your pyjamas with an apron!

...And Eating

Of course, the best part of cooking these meals is, of course, eating them. There’s something special about cuddling up on the sofa, sharing your homemade food with a loved one. Whether it’s winter warm soup or a piece of cake, these are the special moments this time of year is all about.

Christmas Excitement

Asking for a friend… is it too early to start watching Elf yet? It's (nearly) the most wonderful time of the year. So it’s never too early to start. After all, all those presents take planning. Who cares if its Autumn? Burn cinnamon and apple candles, start your Christmas list and begin the search for that all-important Christmas party outfit. Do all of this in your Christmas matching pyjamas to fully get in the spirit. Have you seen our range of gifts here at Chelsea Peers? We've just made Christmas easier so you can pour yourself a glass of mulled wine early to celebrate.

Long Sleeve Pyjamas For Relaxing



Paradise Long PJ Set





                                                Paradise Long PJ Set   

The classic fit of these button-up shirt pyjamas is perfect for a classic day of relaxation. Not only nice to look at with their foil print pattern, but they’ve also nice to feel as well thanks to their soft-touch jersey material. 





Corgi Fruit Long PJ Set






Corgi Fruit Long PJ Set

The Queen has got her corgis so it's only fair that you get yours too. These Corgi patterned cute PJs are too adorable to take off. Embrace comfort with fitted cuffs and a drawstring waist. Yes, Queen!







Fairisle Long PJ Set





Fairisle Long PJ Set


The Christmas excitement is real, so do it properly in festive pyjamas. Get ready to snuggle up with all your favourite Christmas movies and songs with these festive Apres Ski inspired Christmas long sleeve pyjama set.




Fluffy Koala PJ Set






Fluffy Koala PJ Set

Just looking at these pyjamas is enough to make you want to snuggle up! These extremely cost fluffy pyjamas are extremely soft to the touch. And how can you not love the super cute Koala?!









Feeling prepared for the winter months now? Staying in really is the new going out. We’re always adding fresh new designs to our long sleeve PJ set collection so be sure to check our newest in, to find your next set of pyjamas you won't want to take off.