World Sleep Day, which takes place in March every year, reminds us of the importance of sleep for our physical, social and mental wellbeing. 


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Channel 4 sleep expert Stephanie Romiszewski, also known as Steph Sleepy Head, has shared some more top tips for the dreamiest of slumbers.

Some simple solutions are just a few scrolls away!   

  1. A Good Morning Routine is Important

Believe it or not, your morning routine is more influential on your sleep than your night time one. So, get up at the same time, expose yourself to bright light (ideally outside) and get moving! These steps will help your brain build predictable sleep patterns for a more consistent bedtime, improve your mood, reduce fatigue and regulate appetite.



  1. Keep Your Evening Routine Separate

For example, if you work into the night or scroll too long on social media, your brain associates these things with highly stimulating daytime activities. So, tonight, unplug, get comfy and relax!



  1. Perfection is the Enemy of the Good

Stop worrying about how you're sleeping. Stick to what you can control, like getting up in the morning, having a positive attitude and getting your tired self to the gym!




  1. Only Go to Bed When You Feel Sleepy

Give yourself permission to go to bed when you are sleepy. And if you don't, relaxing outside your bedroom and enjoying yourself is far healthier. Lying in a dark room forcing a slumber can lead to anxiety land, which we all know, does impact our sleep!



  1. Remember, Sleep Problems Are Normal

It’s impossible to sleep well every night, so try and make the most of the additional wake time, rather than worrying. The extra sleepiness will likely help you sleep better over the next few nights. You are going to be OK!
For more advice from Stephanie, visit @stephsleepyhead or
Miss Stephanie Romiszewski 
Consultant Physiologist and Director of Sleepyhead Clinic