A Guide To Confidence And Self-Love

While summer is known as the season for carefree days, the sun on your skin and slipping into swimwear, for many of us, it can bring about negative self-talk around body image. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here at Chelsea Peers, we believe that everyone deserves to feel their best; we value, respect and appreciate all body shapes and sizes just as they are, and we want this to be the year to embrace the skin you’re in. Because when you do, you’ll unlock the confidence to enjoy the summer days you’ve been dreaming of, whether that’s spent lounging by the pool in our flattering swim styles or chilling on the patio in our short printed PJs.

However, we know it’s not that simple. The journey to body acceptance is a personal one and isn’t always straightforward. Our advice? Fill your feed with positive influences that inspire you to embrace your body right now, as it is, through these warmer months.

We caught up with four inspiring women who use their platform to spread positivity through their lived experiences. From focusing on the body’s abilities and not its appearance to stepping out of your comfort zone, keep scrolling to discover their top tips to finding confidence and what it means to them…

Charlotte Emily Price

"Talk to yourself like someone you love." This is a quote that really helped me on my journey, as I realised I'd never point out my mum's stretch marks or one of my friend's insecurities, so why was I picking out my own? It was a real perspective shift hearing this for the first time, and every time I say something bad about myself now, I remember this and it stops me from continuing with the negative self-talk. 

"Talk to yourself like someone you love"

I love journaling and I've found that focusing on writing down things that I love about myself that aren't physical attributes can remind me that my existence is more than my appearance. For example, I love my sensitivity and emotional intelligence because it allows me to connect to the people in my life.


Gina Atinuke Knight 

​​@ginaatinukeknight  is wearing our Navy Tile Palm Print bikini top and bottoms.

A lot of the big moves I’ve made in regards to my self confidence have happened before I was 100% ready. I wasn’t ready to shave off my hair, after years of hiding my hair loss, but I knew something had to change, so I shaved off my hair and I hated it. I had to push myself into acceptance, by putting myself out there and highlighting the things I did like about my new look.

"Don't let fear keep you small"

After a while, I became more confident, and before long I preferred my shaved head. I no longer hide myself. Don’t let fear keep you small.

Victoria Niamh 

@victorianiamh is wearing our Mini Cactus Print swimsuit.

When I was recovering from Anorexia, I thought the ultimate goal for me and my relationship with my body was to be able to love it. I thought, If I could get to a point where I could exchange all of the hatred and sabotaging thoughts I currently have with loving ones, then my recovery would be successful.

"Our body is an instrument to be played, not an ornament to be looked at"

After a couple of years, I got there. I even did a nude photoshoot to prove it, but I realised that even though I had more positive thoughts towards my body, I was still thinking about and feeling consumed by it. It hit me then that the end goal was to surpass body image thoughts, good or bad, so I could be free to live my life. 

The incredible women behind Beauty Redefined put it perfectly: 'Our body is an instrument to be played, not an ornament to be looked at.' So, when I think of body confidence now, it's less about thinking I look beautiful in my bikini on the beach and more about how wonderful my body is to act as my vehicle through life. I'm confident my body can carry me to the beach, I'm confident she can swim to cool down, and I'm confident she can bring the strawberry daiquiri to my lips when I need refreshment.

To me, that's body confidence. 


Gemma Adby

@gemmaadby is wearing our Bridal Blush Satin Frill Trim Cami set.

I'm currently on my self-love and body confidence journey, and I've come to realise it's a lifelong adventure. Our bodies and minds continuously evolve, so accepting ourselves along the way is crucial.

"Life is too short to not appreciate and love the body you've been blessed with"

When it comes to glowing with confidence this summer, one of my top tips is to step out of your comfort zone and try something new that you've always wanted to do. It'll give you an amazing adrenaline rush and a major boost in confidence. Another important tip is to let go of worrying about what others think of you. Life is too short to not appreciate and love the body you've been blessed with. Embrace it wholeheartedly!

Everyone’s journey to self-love is different – just follow the unique stories of Charlotte, Gina, Victoria and Gemma for proof. Whether you’re well on your way to summer confidence or intend to take on the advice of these body acceptance advocates, you can also make positive steps towards this mindset by wearing comfy yet luxurious clothes that make you feel like the best version of you. For this, look no further than our inclusive collection of sleepwear and beachwear, which is also available in Curve and Maternity. Explore diverse fits, intricate prints hand-illustrated in our West London studio and an assortment of soft, planet-conscious materials to elevate your summer lounge time, including organic cotton and recycled jersey fabric.