Happy hour isn’t always enough to make us smile, and a good old girls' night in is exactly what we need. Especially when the nights get colder, there’s nothing better than inviting your best friends over for a cosy night in.

There’s something undeniably alluring at the thought of being social without having to actually go out, don’t you agree?

If you’re wondering how to have a girls' night in, you’re in the right place, as here we share our top (tried and tested!) tips for the ultimate girls' night in.

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How To Have A Girls' Night In

First of all, it's about who you’re going to invite. A girls' night in is a great way to catch up with those friends you haven't seen in what feels like forever. Why is so difficult to get your friends free at the same time? This is the perfect excuse to round them all up and catch up properly with no distractions.

Of course - nothing in modern life is simple so make sure you plan in advance. Set the date about a week in advance if your group tend to be a bit unruly with reliability. This also ensures you've got time to prepare to prep your home, and self, ready to show off your dazzling hosting skills. If you and your friends are struggling to find a weekend when you're all free, why not opt for a weekday to cosy up inside the house.

After a long weekend, we believe that there's nothing more relaxing than having a girls' night in wearing your pyjamas with your closest friends. Your friends are your very own cheerleaders who are always on hand for advice, to help you deal with stress and also to share their own funny stories at life so you can all laugh together.

Girls' Night In Tips

Mood For Food

Rather than a dinner party vibe, you’ll want your girls’ night in to be full of all the delicious snacks. The diet can wait, as this night is about properly relaxing with your nearest and dearest. For a fun twist, why not challenge every guest to arrive with their own speciality. Not only does this help save you on the cooking, but you get to see what everybody’s cooking skills are like.

Alternatively, has anyone ever gone wrong pizza? Throw in a bottle of wine and you have the snack situation sorted!

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Games Night

Ok, hear us out here. We’re not necessarily suggesting a game of monopoly (we want all the friendships to make it out intact, of course), but a games night is a fun way to invite a bit of friendly competition into the evening. A night playing classic board games in your cosy PJs is often better than going out. Games like 'What Do You Meme', or 'Heads Up' bring a modern twist, or if you’re feeling extra daring, why not get out the 'Cards Against Humanity'.

Comfy Ladies Sleepwear

Speaking of cosy PJs, this is an ultimate must for your girls' night in. Just because you're staying in doesn’t mean you can’t look great! Invite your friends over to wear the comfiest fluffy pyjamas to bring the ultimate chill factor. Even better, plan to synchronise in matching pyjama sets and achieve ultimate #SquadGoals, with plenty of cute Instagram opportunities. Browse the full range here.

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Movie Marathon

So you’ve got your ladies, pyjamas, and cosy atmosphere… sometimes all that's missing is a good old rom-com (or 3). When the boys are away, you can bet The Notebook will play. Get the tissues, and fluffy hot water bottles at the ready and enjoy a night indulging in those classic girls' night in films.

Need inspiration? Check out this list of the top rom-com movies ever, according to Vogue.


If you’re not going out, why not have the ultimate relaxation evening. That's right! We’re talking cucumber slices, face masks, fluffy robes and more candles than you can shake a (massage) stick at. Think of the night as your sanctuary away from all the other worries in life. Have a strictly no checking emails rule, and create a luxury spa in the comfort of your own bedroom.

Bonus points if you create your own homemade face masks.

Put on the most relaxing music you can find, light the incense and all fully relax in your dressing gowns. If you need fluffy gown inspiration be sure to check our range here.
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Crafty Girls’ Night In

We’re sure you’re like us and like doing things a bit outside the box every now and then. So why not use your girls' night in as the perfect opportunity to get creative. From upcycling old clothes to trying out that Pinterest DIY hack you’ve been meaning to, there are plenty of opportunities you can share with your girls on a night in together. You don't even necessarily have to be good at art, sometimes the trial and error is more of a laugh than the actual task.


The most important bit! A girls’ night in for adults is all about the chill. Create the night in of dreams with candles, cushions, and cute fluffy blankets. At Chelsea Peers, we have all the bedtime accessories (and sassy sleepwear, of course) you need to rewind and refresh!

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