With pandemics, lockdowns and elections kicking off around the globe, it feels like we all could do with a bit of kindness right now. Thankfully World Kindness Day is just around the corner, taking place on November 13th. Now there are many ways to share kindness to your loved ones, but how about being kind to number one? Looking after yourself and being well rested is one of the best ways to show some self-love, but with everything going on, it’s no surprise that people are finding it hard to get a good night’s sleep. But don’t fret, here at Chelsea Peers, we are sharing our sleep routine secrets to help you get that all important 8 hours.
Being well rested doesn’t just mean banishing under-eye bags and feeling more energised, it can also boost your mood, productivity and immunity against seasonal sniffles. Of course, a pair of perfect pyjamas is a must for the dreamiest of slumbers, but team them with our other top tips for the ideal sleep routine.
Get moving!
While a strenuous workout before bed can actually prevent your mind and body from switching off, lighter, more easy-going forms of exercise before bedtime can tire your body out just enough to make slipping off to the world of sleep that much easier. We’d recommend a twilight stroll, a jog or some relaxing yoga to give your muscles a good run out without raising your heart rate too much, resulting in a good night’s sleep.
Pop the kettle on...
A well-timed brew can help you relax into a soothed and sleepy state. Camomile tea has been used for centuries as a treatment for insomnia and we’d recommend a cuppa about an hour before you head to bed to help you relax and unwind. Our favourite is Twining’s Superblend Sleep Tea, infused with camomile and lavender, a dreamy combination for your sleep routine.
Snooze Spray...
The soothing qualities of lavender and camomile don’t need to be confined to your kettle. Grab yourself a pillow spray for a pre-snooze spritz, so you can deeply inhale calming notes to help you sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. Our favourite is the Deep Sleep Pillow Spray from This Works, proven to help you fall asleep quicker.
Goldilocks’ and the Three Pairs...of Pyjamas
Now just like Goldilocks, the temperature of your body and surrounding environment needs to be just right to ensure a good night’s sleep. Scientists say that your body temperature should be between 36-38°C for optimum sleeping conditions, but this can be tricky to maintain during fluctuating seasons.
That’s why, at Chelsea Peers, we recommend having a range of sleepwear to allow you to have the perfect pyjamas, whatever the weather. To keep cool, our Short PJ Sets are the ideal option, with a long sleeved top but cheeky shorts on the bottom. This cute Star Foil Short Set is super soft on the skin and will make your night a little more sparkly.
If you need a bit more warmth, our new Button-Up Modal Shirt PJ sets are the perfect pyjamas as they are lightweight enough to not be too stifling, but insulated enough to make sure you don’t get the chills. This classic design is made from super soft Modal material, which contains sustainably sourced cotton, so by purchasing a pair you are also sharing a bit of kindness with the planet this World Kindness Day.
For those most bitter of winter nights, make sure you are toasty enough with a set of our fluffy Pjs; the fleecy, snuggly material of our Rainbow Dressing Gown will make the coldest of nights shiver-free.